More than Just a Charming Building

The Bellevue is more than just a charming building – it's a community, and any good community comes with amenities for the residents. When the Bellevue was built, only the best services were installed. Today it continues to provide everything you need. Wireless internet, heating, water, trash, and gas for the range are all included with the rent.

Community Garden

Lovingly maintained garden with herbs, grill, and picnic tables is available to all tenants.


Individual and tandem (shared) parking spots are available behind the building. Check with the property manager for availability and pricing.

Bike and Storage Units

Bellevue residents love their bikes, so indoor bike parking is accessible at street level. Secure storage cages are available upon request at no additional cost.


Coin operated washers and driers are located on the ground floor, easily accessible via elevator.

Healthy Living

Please note that the Bellevue is a non-smoking environment. Dogs are not allowed, cats only by permission.